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CLIENT ORIENTATION:   Customer care, orientation and satisfaction forms the foundation of JLC Construction's "contract" with its clients. JLC Construction listens and adheres to clients' needs and through flexibility and accommodating these needs, JLC Construction thinks and acts in creative manners. JLC Construction treats its clients with the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and respect. JLC Construction offers customers quality and affordable products and services.

INNOVATION:   JLC Construction offers solutions; keeps up with changing circumstances and needs; and, through creativity, the company obtained a competitive advantage in the construction industry.

LIABILITY:  JLC Construction takes full responsibility for its actions and the outcomes; meets clients' needs and expectations; pursues success based on what is best for the clients; and strives for the best possible results with a sense of urgency and professionalism.

INTEGRITY:  JLC Construction is committed to honesty, fairness, respect and high and professional standards; it is direct and transparent in its business transactions; communicates openly and in honesty, and respects diversity and others’ ideas and views.

VALUE CREATION:  JLC Construction creates value for its customers, employees and partners in the industry; works hard, effective and smart; and complies with the guidelines of the NHBRC and subjects its work with confidence for their verification.

CREATIVITY:  JLC Construction provides innovative building and contruction solutions and improves it's collective skills and knowledge accordingly.

SUCCESS:  JLC Construction strives to be successful and profitable without exploiting customers or sacrificing quality work.

SUSTAINABILITY:  JLC Construction utilises resources efficiently and sustainably.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES:  JLC Construction’s business principles reflects high ethical standards, which serve as a foundation for achieving its own and clients' goals.

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