Building and Construction in Stellenbosch

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To provide holistic services in the construction industry, JLC Construction develops partnership agreements with Consulting Engineers to assist clients with designing, analyses of the construction environment, designing of plans, and implementing plans in a manner that ensures the deliverance of an excellent, cost-effective and safe product.


  • Consultation with clients about specific engineering challenges and problems
  • Investigations into the construction environment, materials and equipment
  • Study of environmental impact reports and related engineering reports and other reports on construction projects
  • Feasibility studies and the study of outcomes of investigations, surveys and other studies in order to determine the correct engineering approach and methodology; as well as the viability of projects, production costs and affordability
  • Engineering design in order to determine the physical scope and characteristics of structures and projects and presenting it graphically, with drawings, plans and written documentation, to clients.
  • Orientate contractors about engineering plans, drawings, documentation and the bill of quantities with regards to materials and other matters
  • Material and service procurement processes with regards to contractors and material to ensure affordability and quality
  • Supervision of constructions that include site visits, owner consultations, plan and specification interpretation, verification of plans and data, verification of compliance with payment schedules, modification or adjustment of contracts with suppliers and contractors and final inspection.

A Building and Construction Company in Stellenbosch