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 JLC Construction is a building contractor company in the Western Cape of South Africa

Jean-leroux Geldenhuys is the owner and co-manager of JLC Construction

After completing matric in Bredasdorp High School, Jean-leroux studied civil engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). He obtained a National Diploma in Civil Engineering after specifically focussing on structural analyses, geo-technical engineering, mathematics, hydraulic water reticulation, timber and steel design and technical drawings.

He then did laboratory research that tested and analysed the soil and concrete. He worked for prominent construction companies in the Western-Cape and established himself as a construction expert. He furthermore worked in the field of structural and civil consulting engineering and conducted steel and concrete inspections and the design of civil and structural structures.

After obtaining extended experience Jean-leroux established his own company, JLC Construction.

JLC Construction provides an affordable one-stop service in the construction industry; as well as specialist design and construction through competitive building and construction solutions – resulting in happy clients with top-quality homes.

Build Smart with JLC Construction


JLC Construction supports its clients with the development and building of their dream houses, industrial and other structures. The company offers extended experience in the fields of property development and construction, the upgrading and extension of residential and industrial structures, and restoration work.

The company’s primary function is the building of structures, paintwork, plumbing, electrical work, roofs, tiling, and the restoration of structures, paving, fencing and any other form of construction work. JLC Construction provides work of the highest quality whilst it obtains the best-value-for-money material and products.

To provide one-stop construction services to clients, the company developed, and still develops partnerships with architects, planners, quantity surveyors, fire engineers, legal experts, consulting engineers and other experts in the construction field. Clients who need these services can approach JLC Construction who will put them in contact with highly skilled and knowledgeable experts.

The company’s building teams are a collective with exceptional skills, knowledge and experience. All those who work for or partner with JLC Construction bought into the company’s ethos of developing quality and dignified houses and structures that will outlive many generations and lifetimes. The company’s services and product suppliers bought into the principle of the best products at the most affordable prices.

Building their dream houses and structures is a challenge to most clients and in the process they operate on high stress and frustration levels. JLC Construction mitigates these feelings by winning a client’s heart and trust by convincing them that the investment in their assets is also an investment in the future of JLC Construction.


A Building and Construction Company in Stellenbosch